James Kentoshi Norris is one of my all-time top trusted master instructors. He has over 20 years of being by my side through all sorts of teaching experiences. I tell everyone, “You want to learn authentic ninja martial arts? James is absolutely top-of-the-list in his instructional skills.”
His wife and dojo partner Johanna Norris came to us with a thorough background in wilderness survival skills. She took to our To-Shin Do with a passion unparalleled among other students. I am amazed she never misses a seminar opportunity to train in the physical and spiritual sciences I teach.
What a team! I heartily endorse James and Johanna for anyone wishing expert skills in life preparation.
Stephen K. Hayes

Founder, To-Shin Do

James Kentoshi Norris

To-Shin Do 8th Degree Black Belt

James Norris has studied martial arts for over 40 years. He moved to Ohio to study under martial arts legend Stephen K. Hayes, after years of searching for a martial art that had everything a martial art was supposed to have: realistic self-protection skills, rich history, and a clear path toward self-development.

He spent so much time at the To-Shin Do headquarters (Hombu Dojo) that it wasn’t long before James Norris was teaching there, and then eventually running the Hombu for several years. He is now one of the highest ranked To-Shin Do practioners in the world.

In 2014 he and his wife founded Situation Handled, and began bringing To-Shin Do to more communities throughout Ohio and the world.

Johanna Norris

To-Shin Do 4th Degree Black Belt

Johanna Norris began training martial arts in 2004, with the goal of feeling safer in the world. Unfortunately, none of the regional schools dealt with understanding and learning answers to real world violence.  In 2009 she was introduced to To-Shin Do, and for the first time she saw a system that not only explained the dynamics of violence, but delivered effective tools that she could use in everyday life.

In 2011, Sensei Johanna moved to Dayton, Ohio to train To-Shin Do at the international headquarters with the Founders Mr. Stephen K. & Mrs. Rumiko U. Hayes. Since then, she has delivered self-protection programs in schools throughout the area, from elementary to university, with elite academically gifted students and kids with special educational needs like ADHD and Autism, and in partnership with non-profit organizations that support at risk families.

Her work with children and adults is Trauma Informed, and it is very important to Sensei Johanna that her students enjoy the process of learning the skills that will help protect them and help them grow.

Sensei Johanna loves seeing people succeed. Assisting others as they become become stronger, happier, and healthier is her true joy, and thankfully, her life’s work.

Now, as a mother of three, Mrs. Norris has a special focus on helping families learn and assess the risks their children face and deliver tools so that everyone gets home happy healthy and safe.