Adult Classes

(ages 14 and up)


Intelligent, effective, self-defense for the modern world. Our classes are positive, family-oriented and engaging, while focusing on important self-protection skills. We address all the areas of self-defense, far beyond just physical skills, such as verbal skills, de-escalation techniques, decision making, legal considerations and modern weapons training.

Calm, confident and capable. Our goal is to have a community of empowered protectors who have the tools to keep the world around them healthy, happy and safe.

Historical Training

To-Shin Do has a rich history, stretching back over nine hundred years. In our historical training classes we practice at our martial art from the perspective of how it looked ages ago in Japan when fighting involved armor and swords. You will learn:

  • Classical unarmed techniques from historical Japanese lineages
  • Japanese sword from the Sengoku Jidai ‘warring states’ period
  • Other classical weapons such as 6 foot staff and Japanese spear
  • Exotic ninja tools


Historical training is fun, but also informative. While the movements may look different, the principles used in these classical techniques are the same used in our modern self-defense training.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes are part kickboxing-style workouts, strength training using bodyweight and kettlebells, and flexibility and health restorative Ryu Tai Dragon Body Yoga movements.

These classes are a great addition to your martial arts training, or as a stand-alone program.

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Self-defense needs to happen from the inside out. Meditation helps with focus, reduces stress and makes it less likely we’ll be swayed by anger and fear in a self-defense situation.